• May 27, 2014
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Bring on the May Flowers: Floral Decor for Your Home

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Love those summer blooms? Use them to inspire your home décor. Your favorite summer bloom could be the perfect place to start. Use nature as a guide to take your design in a whole new direction. Floral decorations add a bit of life and serenity to any space, leaving plenty of room for creativity. Whether it’s a floral pillow or an elaborate accessory, your room will be refreshed and renewed.

Add Some Color

The best thing about accessories is that they can be easily swapped out to fit the mood or the season. Floral décor is the perfect way to spruce up a space and add a pop of color. Use bright floral print in an otherwise neutral space to bring the summer sunshine inside.

Utilize the Patterns

Like actual flowers, floral décor comes in all different shapes and sizes. The patterns in the décor can be used to add a layer of intricacy in a design. Use the patterns in each of the accessories to tie the design together and lead the eye throughout the space.

Floral Decor Ideas

1. Cheungs Rattan Metal Hydrangea Flower Wall Art – Available at Wayfair.com 2. IMAX Lopez Small Floral Pierced Vase – Available at Wayfair.com 3. Jamie Young Co. Jute Flower Mirror – Available at ShopCandelabra.com 4. Distinctive Designs Short Glass Vase – Available at Wayfair.com 5. Kiyoko Red Bed from Pine Cone Hill 6. Waverly Sweet Things Twill Sterling – Available at Fabric.com 7. Floral Blossom Faux Silk Curtain Panel from Curtainworks 8. Celebration I by Visual Studio – Available at Art.com 9. Hawaii Garden Floral Throw Pillow From Pillow Décor 10. Side By Side Carpet In Pineapple – Available at CarpetOne.com

Have Fun With It!

Accessories are the most effective and useful way to add a personal touch to your space. Choose colors, styles and patterns that make you happy and appeal to your personal taste. Using flowers in your décor is an easy way to make your home feel unique and fresh. If you have a favorite flower, incorporate it into your design! The more fun you have decorating it, the better the room will look in the end.

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